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Little Canyon

Little Canyon gets less than 12" wide for most of the upper portion of the slot canyon.

Little Canyon is a short slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It is located just to the south of Brimstone Gulch. The entrance requires two people or specialized canyoneering gear. The rest of the hike is very easy and very tight.

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Waypoint Latitude Longitude Description
TURN1 37.4666516 -111.2239595 Turn 1, 26.2 miles down Hole in the Rock Road
CAMP 37.4662378 -111.2059334 One good place to camp
PARK 37.4768015 -111.2201705 Park
DFBOT 37.4812382 -111.2176675 Dry Forks Bottom
DFTOP 37.4834545 -111.2249238 Dry Forks Top
PBBOT 37.4816014 -111.2166066 Peek-a-Boo Bottom
PBTOP 37.4852864 -111.2166052 Peek-a-Boo Top
SPTOP 37.4851380 -111.2094564 Spooky Top
SPBOT 37.4814013 -111.2093207 Spooky Bottom
JUNC1 37.4761991 -111.1970365 Junction #1
LBBOT 37.4873471 -111.1932913 Lower Brimstone Bottom
LBTOP 37.4930344 -111.1906222 Lower Brimstone Top
LIBOT 37.4747478 -111.1950517 Little Canyon Bottom
LITOP 37.4769922 -111.1933339 Little Canyon Top

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Trip Report: June 18, 2011

Brimstone Gulch, Little Canyon, and Dry Fork Narrows of Coyote Gulch at EveryTrail

After I freaked out from claustrophobia in Brimstone Gulch, Zac and I decided to explore a parallel canyon called Little Canyon. So off, Zac and I went, with only Anthony’s directions on how to get there. I love Anthony to death, but he’s terrible at giving directions. Last year his directions to our camping spot near Crawdad Canyon led me 40 miles past where everyone else was camping. Luckily this time, we were able to find Little Canyon without a problem. We just went back the way we came, turned left at the confluence, and 3 minutes later, we were at the mouth of Little Canyon.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

From what we could discern, Little Canyon is rarely visited. There was no trail to the canyon that we could find, there was a huge Sacred Datura plant at the entrance, and we had to bush-whack through part of the canyon.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

We’re guessing that the canyon lacks popularity, not because it isn’t amazing, but because the entrance to the canyon is marked by a steep, 9-foot drop that is almost impossible to climb by yourself.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

Zac and I had to do some brainstorming before we found a way up the small cliff. I boosted Zac up onto my shoulders so he was high enough to get up. Then he secured a piece of webbing to his ankle, and I climbed the rope.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

The first hundred yards is pretty cool, with some wavy rocks, then it open up and has lots of underbrush to navigate through.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

After another hundred yards, it gets tight again.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

We went in for a while but then turned back when the going got a little rough.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch
Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

When the walls got closer than 8 inches apart, I’d had enough. Besides all that, we were in a hurry to get back and hopefully join up with Tara and Arianne. So we turned around.

Little Canyon Spooky Gulch

One hour and 10 minutes later, we arrived at the mouth of Dry Fork Narrows of Coyote Gulch and, by a stroke of very good luck, we ran into the girls right as they were coming out.