The Dye Clan
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  • TR: Feb 2013

National Museum of Natural History

The Hope Diamond on display at the National Museum of Natural History.

The National Museum of Natural History is administered by the Smithsonian Institution. With free admission and open doors 364 days a year, it is the most visited natural history museum in the world. The museum's collections total over 126 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts.

Trip Report: February 3, 2013

Gems and Minerals

The Hope Diamond
Everyone gathering around the Hope Diamond.
Basalt Stalagmite
Basalt columns.
Phosphorescent minerals.
A huge topaz crystal.
A rainbow of rocks.


Insect Zoo

Egyptian Mummies

Written in Bone

Mammals Hall

Special Exhibit: Orchids of Latin America