The Dye Clan
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Hidden Secrets

A petroglyph panel on the Hidden Secrets trail.

Now you will have a chance to explore the cliffs and grasslands in a part of the park and Fishlake National Forest that we have done a pretty good job of keeping a secret. Try to find the trail's hidden secrets.

Trip Report: May 13, 2011

Hidden Secrets and Canyon Overlook Trails at EveryTrail

There are four ways to gain access to the Hidden Secrets Trail.

  1. From the end of the Canyon Overlook Trail (#7)
  2. From the Court of Ceremonies Trail (#6) at the fork in the bottom of the canyon just past marker 4.
  3. From the Court of Ceremonies Trail (#6) at the fork near the top of the ridge near marker 5.
  4. From the reconstructed pithouse at the northeast corner of the visitor center parking lot. Follow the trail going north into Coyote Canyon. In about 0.4 miles, this trail will connect with the Hidden Secret Trail. While in Coyote Canyon, look for the rock that is shaped like an elephant. A fence crosses the canyon. Follow it a short distance to the right to see a petroglyph panel.

Now that you have found the Hidden Secrets Trail, we hope that you enjoy it. The trail is comprised of three loops that are connected together. Continue to go around them until you have seen all of it or want to return to the visitor center. To return, follow any trail that goes south, downhill or toward Clear Creek and it will bring you back.

The petroglyph panel located on a prominent south facing cliff is the high point of the Hidden Secrets Trail. This panel is interesting because of the intricacy in which the desert bighorn sheep (and deer) are drawn and the detail of the creation story in which wavy lines separate each world. The shield figure is similar to a Hopi calendar. The thirteen concentric circles show the lunar cycle of months. The lines radiating from the center and then forking are said to divide the year into festival periods. No solar interaction has been observed with this panel.

Hidden Secrets Trail in Fremont Indian State Park
Hidden Secrets Trail in Fremont Indian State Park