The Dye Clan
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  • TR: Jul 2003

Timpenooke Trail to Mount Timpanogos

A small waterfall on the Timpenooke Trail to Mount Timpanogos.

The Timpenooke trail to Mount Timpanogos Peak is slightly longer than the Mount Timpanogos trail. Because it is longer, it is also less crowded. The Timpenooke trailhead is about 500 feet higher in elevation than the Mount Timpanogos trailhead, and the trail gains elevation slower, so the hike is a little less rigorous.

Trip Report: July 2003

Mt. Timpanogos via Timpooneke Trail at EveryTrail

Mount Timpanogos, Timpooneke Trail
Mount Timpanogos, Timpooneke Trail

At 40°24'6.61"N, 111°38'40.28"W, the trail forks. You can continue to the right and go straight to the saddle, or you can go to the left and join the Mount Timpanogos trail near Emerald Lake. Both trails will get you to the summit in about the same amount of time. If anyone in your group doesn't think they can make it to the peak, they can wait in the shelter right next to Emerald Lake.