The Dye Clan
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Potshot as a Rappelling Anchor


A Potshot is basically a reinforced bag that you can fill with sand and attach a rope to. The general idea is that you attach your rappelling rope to the bottom potshot and stack a bunch of other potshots on top of it. After you rappel down, you pull the pull cord, which is attached to the top potshots. In this way, you can pull down each potshot individually.


The potshots can be emptied between rappels. They can also be used for holding gear. 


Potshots used in this way are very prone to failure. There is a high chance that the whole setup will fall off the cliff while you're on rappel. There is also a high likelihood that one or more of your potshots will get stuck at the top of the cliff and you will have to leave them behind.


Sand Trap as a Rappelling Anchor