The Dye Clan
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Simul Rappel


A simul rappel is when two people rappel down opposite ends of the rope.

To set up a simul rappel:

  1. Thread the rope through the anchor so both ends touch the ground.
  2. Both people then attach their rappel device to the rope on opposite sides.
  3. Person 1 rappels down while Person 2 acts as a counterweight at the top.
  4. Then Person 1 acts as a counter weight at the bottom while Person 2 rappels down.
Alternatively, both people can rappel down at the same time, but this can be a bit bumpy.


This setup allows you to rappel single strand with no blocks or knots.


The anchor must be very strong for a simul rappel. This setup applies approximately 1.5 times the normal force to the anchor when the rappelers take turns and approximately 2.0 times the normal force when the rappellers go down together.


Knot Block