2011 Highlights

2011 Hands-Only Rail Climbing

2010 Highlights

2010 Not-So-Haunted House

2009 Highlights

2008 Haunted Structures Lab

2007 O Melhor Companheiro de Todos os Tempos

2007 Forte do Staff

2005 But Undaunted Still He Trusted

2004 The Hunt

2003 D&C ja vous

2003 Not-So-Haunted House

Entry for Reflections Contest "I am happy when..."

2002 Not-So-Haunted House

Utah Public Service Announcement

The Fugitive

2001 Teachers Video - Monte Python

Riding the Catapult at Lagoon

Going the Distance Music Video

Dew Your Own Dew


2001 Not-So-Haunted House

2001 Dye Family Redwoods Trip Part 3

2001 Dye Family Redwoods Trip Part 2

2001 Dye Family Redwoods Trip Part 1

Zac's Great Brain Presentation on Experiments

Playing in the Basement


September 1992 - Ondylyn Walking and Kids on Play Center

February 1992 - Riding Bikes

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