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Canyon Rating: 3BIII

Time: 5-8 hours

Length: 7.5 miles one way

Longest Rappel: 40 ft

Gear: 80 foot rope. Standard rappelling gear. A wetsuit is recommended. Bring a dry bag for anything you don’t want wet.

Fees: Entrance fee, optional backcountry reservation fee, permit, optional camping

Recommended Ages:


Recommended Months to Visit:


Features: Technical, Waterfalls, Dinosaur, Appropriate for Scouts,

Permits: Required. Make a reservation online

Links: Zion Canyoneering Permits


A group of 10 of us hiked the Subway on June 6, 2009. It took us about 8 hours to go the 7.5 miles. We passed several "hard-core" groups and had a blast.


Closest City or Region: Zion National Park, Utah

Coordinates: 37.339935, -113.075760

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June 6, 2009 Trip Report

By Jeremy Dye

Trip Members

Jeremy Dye, Tara Dye, Anthony Dye, Zac Dye, Alex Woolsey, Brad Chandler, Kara Chandler, Riddle, Friend,


A group of 10 of us hiked the Subway on June 6, 2009. Saturday started bright and early.

We carpooled up to the trailhead.

The first part of the hike was uneventful except that we followed the wrong trail. We ended up at the edge of a very long and very steep cliff.

A couple of the guys rappelled down a ways to see if it was passable. It wasn't, so we backtracked and found the right trail.

Highlights are:

We passed a couple of slow groups that were "hard core", which means they were way too overdressed for the occasion. Or rather, they treated it like it was harder that it really was. I mean honestly, who packs their dry bags in garbage bags?

For one of the "rappels" we just tied knots in the rope and lowered ourselves down. Tara had a little misfortune when she couldn't hold on and ended up falling in the water. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. Just a few numb fingers. That was right before the bowling ball corridor.

The "subway" portion of the hike was very short. Just a few hundred feet long. But it was really pretty.

I think the favorite part of the whole trip was when a girl in another group (we think her name is Kim) decided to slide down one of the waterfalls. There wasn't much water, but the rocks were really steep. The idea was for her to slide down relatively slowly like a water slide. Unfortunately for her, she slid a lot faster (and farther) than she intended. She hit a slickrock ramp and caught some serious air before landing about 6 feet downstream on another rock. I'm sure she's limping more than we are.

And with one thing and another we ended up at home in our nice comfy bed sound asleep.