The Dye Clan
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Rigging a Fixed Rope


A fixed rope is used when the rope does not need to be retrieved from the bottom of the rappel. Times when you would do this would be for caves or for rappelling activities.

To set up a fixed rappel on a single strand:

  1. Attach your rope to the quick link or rappel ring with a figure 8 follow through.

For a fixed rappel on double strand:

  1. Tie a figure 8 loop in the middle of your rope.
  2. Clip the loop to your rigging with a locking carabiner or two opposite and opposed non-locking carabiners.



Fixed ropes are the safest way to rappel because there is virtually no chance of the rope coming unhooked from the anchor. If you're just rappelling single strand, you don't need as much rope as for a retrievable setup.


You have to unhook the rope when you are at the top of the cliff, not at the bottom.