Pranks I've Played on Others

Fog Machine in Bedroom

This is by far the best prank I have ever played. My brother and I waited until 12:30 on April Fool's morning. I had a fog machine for my haunted house, so we went into the laundry room and stuck the fog machine in the bottom of the laundry chute. The fog went up the laundry chute into my parents' bathroom then into their bedroom. After waiting for what seemed like forever, we snuck upstairs (making sure not to step on the creaky floorboards) and huddled outside my parents' door. I held the video camera while my brother pushed the smoke detector button with a broomstick. I think I have been more scared than my parents were although I didn't start screaming like my mom. "Greg! GREG!!! Get the kids!" My dad came running out the door, saw us, and turned right back around again. A few minutes later, he came storming back out, "you have 30 seconds to destroy that tape!" Evidently after they had time to cool down a bit, my parents have a good laugh. A few hours later they finally fell back asleep wondering what would await them in the morning.

Food Coloring in Water Heater

This one didn't turn out like I planned. The idea was to put some green food coloring in the water heater so whoever took a shower first in the morning would get dyed a slight greenish tint. I dumped in 3 bottles of food coloring (green, blue, and yellow) just to make sure it would be dark enough. Well, it was. We had green water for over a week. Green water in the dishwasher. Green water when we washed our hands. Green water in the washing machine. Green showers. It was great.

Snap-'n'-Pops Under Toilet Seat

This one is a classic. I thought I invented it, then afterward I discovered it on the internet. Tape snap-'n'-pops to the bottom side of the toilet seat where the posts stick down. Carefully lower the seat. When someone sits on it, they'll be in for a surprise. My sister thought she broke the toilet.

Boulion Cubes in Shower Head

This one's been around since the dinosaurs, but my brother and I decided to try it anyway. Take the shower head off, put a couple of boulion cubes in the shower head. When someone showers, they end up smelling like chicken soup. That's the idea anyway. Unfortunately, we left the wrench on the bathroom sink. My dad disassembled the shower head and took a clean shower. But we got him back the next year (read Wrench in Bathroom).

Wrench in Bathroom

After totally messing up the boulion cube trick the year before, we played a much easier and much funnier trick. We took a boulion cube wrapper and subtly left it in the corner of the shower where it would be seen. My dad, thinking that it was a repeat of the year before, once again took apart the shower head looking for the boulion cube except that this year there wasn't one. At breakfast, he proudly exclaimed that he had foiled us again and that we would have to try harder to get one past him. Imagine his dismay when we told him the joke was on him and that he had wasted 15 minutes "undoing" a trick that only took us 30 seconds to play.

Rubber Band on Sink Sprayer

This one pretty much speaks for itself. When we played this on my roommates, Tara ended up drenching herself twice.

Lemon Juice in Milk

I filled a syringe with lemon juice. Then when my sister wasn't looking, I squirted it in her glass. Instant curdle. The look on her face was classic when she took a big gulp of sour cottage cheese. "Mom, there's something wrong with my milk."

Set Clocks Ahead

Once again, my sister was the brunt of the joke. We set her clock ahead an hour so she got up at 5:00 am. She got completely ready for school and went out into the living room for family scripture study. I guess she fell asleep waiting for us because she was still on the couch when we got there at 6:30. Great harmless fun.

Unscrew Lightbulbs

We have a bunch of recessed lights in our kitchen. My brother and I carefully unscrewed all the bulbs on that circuit. After my dad had gone through the circuit breaker and had taken the light switch apart to find out where the short was, I walked into the room and had a good laugh. We had meant to tell them earlier, but forgot. Whoops.

Rock in Backpack

I snuck a few rocks into my brother's and sister's backpacks. Lame.

Note on Car Windshield

"I'm sorry about the dent. My insurance will cover it. Call me. Mark Jensen 555-5555" I took 10 napkins and hastily wrote a message apologizing for the dent then signed with my friend's name and telephone number. I then put them under the windshield wipers of 10 different cars. My friend never saw it coming.

Cookies for Valentine's Day

All it takes is a plate of sugar cookies. Leave them on the doorstep of a house with all girls or all guys. Attach a note that says, "To the cutest guy(girl) in school. Love, ???" You'll keep them guessing for weeks. When we did this to my cousins, I asked Nathan what he thought. "I knew they weren't for me, but hey, free cookies."

Marbles in Hubcaps

I popped the hubcaps off then put in a handfull of marbles and put the hubcap back on. It took weeks before my mom figured out what the weird rattle was every time she stopped.

Potato in Exhaust Pipe

Supposedly this would back up the engine and keep it from ever starting. Well, my dad went to work and back, and the potato was still in there. Note to self: this one doesn't work.

Air Pillows Under Tires

I came across some air pillows (like bubble wrap only bigger). Slide one behind each back tire and the driver is in for a surprise. This worked especially well in the garage because it echoed like crazy.

Seran Wrap on Toilet Seat

My mom totally saw it coming.

Pranks Played on Me

Cotton Balls in Biscuits

As can be witnessed above, my sister was the brunt of a lot of jokes growing up. One year, my mom teamed up with her to get back at us. They made homemade biscuits with a special surprise in the middle - cotton balls. Yummy. Fortunately, Anthony discovered them first, so I managed to forgoe the experience. I was too busy putting lemon juice in Ondy's cup.

Sugar in Sheets

My roommate thought it would be a good idea to put sugar between my sheets. I didn't like the idea too much.

Soaking Wet Towells

Another one of my great roommates decided to mop the floor with my only towell. Yup, I discovered that as I got out of the shower.

Future Prank Ideas

Car Horn to Brake Light

Coming soon.