Utah Canyon Cred Quiz

What is your name?

What is your favorite color?

How many years have you been canyoneering?

Are you wearing a helmet in your Facebook profile picture?

How many canyons have you successfully completed?

How fast are you?

Did you need the assistance of SAR in your first 100 canyons?

Have you replaced your shoelaces due to canyon wear?

Imlay, Kolob, Heaps:

When was your last technical canyon?

When arriving at a keeper pothole in canyon, you:

In two words or less, what is your canyon spirit animal?

Has a family member, friend, or coworker confronted you about domestic violence because of physical marks resulting from canyon trips?

When arguing about the ethics of bolting:

Which of the following things have you seen in canyon?

Have you put on a frozen wetsuit or shoes?

What is the hottest weather you have done a canyon in?

Have you descended a canyon knowing you would have to stem over a stinky, decaying, maggot filled cow and its calf?

Is your name Tom, Richard, or Steve?

Have you missed your significant other’s birthday or anniversary for a canyon trip?

What is the name of the National Park near Springdale?

How strong are you?

Have you taken official training or courses?

I have rappelled from:

How many different types of sandstone can you name?

Are you a member of the Utah Canyoneers Facebook group?

A fiddlestick is…

Have you successfully participated in a human pyramid?

Have you done an “R” rated canyon?

Have you done an “X” rated canyon?

How well do you climb?

Have you spent more than $400 on canyon specific gear?

Have you ever had an epic?

What is the longest rappel you’ve done?

You get into the canyon and realize your helmet is in the car 3 miles back. What do you do?

Skinny canyons…

I have been in a flash flood

How much time per day do you spend trolling canyoneering forums?

At what lengths will you go to avoid water?

Do you intend to use this quiz to prove your legitimacy for future canyon keyboard battles?

How many of these questions did you search for the “it depends” option?