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Introduction to Canyoneering


Canyoneering is the sport of descending canyons. These canyons are often sandstone slot canyons typical of southern Utah. Some canyons can be traveled on foot with little or no technical gear. However this canyoneering guide focuses on the descent of technical canyons - canyons that require rappels, rope work, climbing, pothole escape, or swimming.

This canyoneering guide is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction - Some basic stuff to know before you read the rest of the guide.
  2. Canyoneering Gear - An explanation of each piece of canyoneering gear and what it is used for. Pros and cons.
  3. Gear Maintenance - How to get the most life out of your gear.
  4. Knots for Canyoneering - All the knots for canyoneering and when to use them.
  5. Anchors - Different things to attach your rope to.
  6. Rigging Part 1 - All rigging above the rappel ring. Combine multiple anchors into a single point of attachment, etc.
  7. Rigging Part 2 - All rigging below the rappel ring. Blocks, strand isolation, contingency anchors, etc. Typically tied with the rappel rope.
  8. Rappelling - Different methods of rappelling and when to use them.
  9. Ascending - Climbing up a long rope safely.
  10. Pothole Escape - Methods for getting out of or avoiding keeper potholes.
  11. Canyon Movement - Stemming, partner assists, etc.
  12. Swiftwater Techniques - Techniques for canyons with flowing water.
  13. Other Skills - Rope management, first aid, navigation, rescue, etc.