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Knots for Canyoneering


This chapter discusses the most important knots used in canyoneering. Ideally you should know all of these knots very well. Since that's not always possible, focus on the most important ones first and learn them really well. A half-dozen knots tied properly are better than a dozen knots tied improperly.

PictureKnot NameCategory
Alpine ButterflyAlpine ButterflyMid-Rope Loop
AutoblockAutoblockSlide & Grip
Bachmann HitchBachmann HitchSlide & Grip
Beer KnotBeer KnotBend
Blake's HitchBlake's HitchSlide & Grip
BowlineBowlineEnd Loop
Bowline on a BightBowline on a BightMid-Rope Loop
Clove HitchClove HitchHitch
Distel HitchDistel HitchSlide & Grip
Double Fisherman's BendDouble Fisherman's BendBend
Double Overhand KnotDouble Overhand KnotStopper
Figure 8 Double LoopFigure 8 Double LoopMid-Rope Loop
Figure 8 BendFigure 8 BendBend
Figure 8 LoopFigure 8 LoopEnd Loop
Figure 8 Follow ThroughFigure 8 Follow ThroughEnd Loop
Figure 9 LoopFigure 9 LoopEnd Loop
Flat Overhand BendFlat Overhand BendBend
Girth HitchGirth HitchHitch
Icicle HitchIcicle HitchSlide & Grip
KlemheistKlemheistSlide & Grip
Monster MunterMonster MunterHitch
Munter HitchMunter HitchHitch
Mule HitchMule HitchHitch
Overhand on a BightOverhand on a BightEnd Loop
Poacher's KnotPoacher's KnotEnd Loop
Prusik KnotPrusik KnotSlide & Grip
Rolling HitchRolling HitchSlide & Grip
Sheet BendSheet BendBend
Double Sheet BendDouble Sheet BendBend
Stone KnotStone KnotMid-Rope Loop
Water KnotWater KnotBend


Alpine Butterfly