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  • TR: Mar 2013

Betrothed Canyon

The water was about knee deep when we went.

Betrothed Canyon is a very short slot canyon along Cohab Canyon. If you're already hiking Cohab Canyon, it will add about 20 minutes to your hike. There are a couple of drops that you can jump or downclimb.

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Waypoint Latitude Longitude Description
Park -111.2462966761047 38.2851768839008  
Trailhead -111.2461111109888 38.28249999970686  
Betrothed -111.2378668415713 38.28251689515343  
Wife 6 -111.2397410876507 38.28106372383068  
Wife 5 -111.2412301945803 38.28029720744754  
Wife 4 -111.2418235205928 38.2792859724027  
Wife 3 -111.242753672833 38.27965528336836  
Wife 2 -111.2433124365556 38.2793641541257  
TOTGA -111.2429485157541 38.2801344183143  
Wife 1 -111.2435795005631 38.2793682262778  

Trip Report: March 16, 2013

We explored Betrothed Canyon after attempting then retreating from TOTGA Canyon with the Scouts. Betrothed Canyon is a short side canyon to Cohab Canyon. If you're already hiking Cohab Canyon, Betrothed Canyon only adds about a half hour to your trip. When we went, there were 3 pools of water that required wading up to your knees.

The mouth of Betrothed Canyon is located 0.4 miles down Cohab Canyon measured from the top of the switchbacks of the west trailhead.

Leave the trail and scramble up the slick rock to get to a ledge about 50 feet above the canyon bottom.

From this ledge, you'll get a great view of Cohab Canyon.

The ledge parallels Betrothed Canyon for a few hundred feet then drops you off at the top of Betrothed Canyon.

This picture is taken from the top of the first drop. A couple people just jumped, and a couple people used a handline down. The second drop is also visible in this picture. It is about a 6' drop into a shallow pool of water.
Drop 3 is into another pool of water.
Drop 3 from below.
Drop 4 is the last one of the canyon.
Betrothed Canyon exit with the side trail visible up high to the left.

After finishing Betrothed Canyon, we explored several of the side canyons in Cohab Canyon.