The Dye Clan
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Fifth Water Springs

The water near Fifth Water Hot Springs is milky blue.

Fifth Water Hot Springs are located in Diamond Fork Canyon, which splits off from Spanish Fork Canyon. Total drive time from Spanish Fork, Utah is about a half hour on paved roads. At the trailhead, there is lots of parking and a bathroom.

From the trailhead, follow the trail southeast along the east bank of Sixth Water Creek. Do not cross the foot bridge. After 1.0 mile, you will come to another foot bridge, which you should cross. This is the junction of Sixth Water Creek (from the left) and Fifth Water Creek (from the right). About a mile after the footbridge, the water will turn milky blue and start smelling like sulfur. You're getting close. But don't worry, the Fifth Water Hot Springs don't smell bad. At 1.2 miles from the footbridge, you'll see the lower hot springs on your right. Someone built a rock pool and diverted the hot water into it, so it's pretty deep. Another 20 yards upstream are two other hot springs. One is on the left side of the river about 50 feet downstream from the base of the waterfall, and the other is on the right side of the river about 50 feet downstream from the base of the waterfall.