The Dye Clan
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Freeing a Stuck Rope


Sometimes after a rappel, you try to pull your rope, but it's stuck. No matter how hard you pull, the rope doesn't slide through the anchor. The most common scenarios that lead to stuck ropes include:

One way you can try to free your rope is to set up a 3:1 pulley system to multiply your pulling force. The figure to the right shows how to set up this pulley system.

  1. Locate a strong bottom anchor.
  2. Use webbing to attach a pulley (ideal) or carabiner (less ideal) to the bottom anchor.
  3. Run the pull strand through the pulley.
  4. Attach an ascender or prusik to the pull strand as high as you can reach.
  5. Attach a pulley to the ascender.
  6. Run the end of pull strand through the pulley attached to the ascender.
  7. Pull like crazy!