The Dye Clan
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Prusik Loop


A prusik loop is a length of accessory cord tied in a loop. The finished prusik loop is typically 18 inches to 3 feet long depending on what it will be used for. Prusik loops are necessary to tie the following knots:

To make a prusik loop:

  1. Measure: Multiply the finished loop by two and add 1 foot for knots. Thus an 18" prusik loop will require 4' of rope.
  2. Tape: Wrap the accessory cord with masking tape.
  3. Cut: Cut through the middle of the tape.
  4. Fuse: Use a lighter to fuse the end of the rope.
  5. Remove Tape: Remove the masking tape from the end of the rope.
  6. Tie: Tie the two ends of the loop together with a double fisherman's bend.
  7. Test: Pull the loop as hard as you can to make sure the knot is secure.


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